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Policies - complete copies available on request:

Our Commitment to Quality in Treatment and Service

Our quality policy is to provide safe, effective and responsive dental services that consistently satisfies the needs and expectations of our patients in a caring pleasant professional work environment. This level of quality is achieved through a structured system of policies, processes and procedures and having a clinical governance that delivers continuous improvements in the work of every member of the practice team and, carrying out various risk assessments.

Dr Yasir Saeed, Director, has overall responsibility

Dr Yasir Saeed the clinical governance leader, has responsibility for implementing this policy.

This dental practice operates a Quality Assurance System :
▪ the consistent quality of dental care
▪ effective measures of infection control
▪ compliance with all health and safety legal requirements
▪ compliance with all legal requirements for the safe use ofx-ray equipment
▪ compliance with all continuing professional developmentrequirements of the General Dental Council

The quality objectives of this dental practice are:
- To implement clinical governance through internal andexternal trainings to all our staffs to enhance their performances, their motivation and increase their job satisfactions.
- To provide monitored, reviewed, audited and continuallyimproved dental services to all
- To comply with all relevant ethical, statutory and safetyrequirements
- To always have satisfied patients by having an excellentcustomer service centered on our service users' needs and demands for a betterhealth.
- To have clear transparent fee system in place to create anatmosphere of openness, honesty and mutual respect.

Signed Dr Yasir Saeed

Missed appointments are monitored on a monthly basis.

Any patient who has missed two appointments will no longer be treated at the practice subject to the discretion of the treating dentist and management team.

A charge will be made dependant upon the length of the appointment, this charge will be subject to the discretion of the practice.

Patients must take the final responsibility for payment of services.
Patients should not enter into courses of treatment if they are not able to pay for them.
Failure to pay for dental treatment will mean that further treatment at the practice will be stopped until the debt is repaid in full.
Legal action may be taken against the patients who do not pay for their dental treatment.

Your commitment to us:
Please treat our staff with the respect you expect from us.
Harassment of our dental team will not be tolerated.
Action may be taken by the practice owner against patients who harass the dental team.
You may be de-registered from the practice.
Harassment includes but is not limited to violence, abuse or offensive language.

Our commitment to you:
Our aim is for patients to be pleased with their experience of our service.
We take complaints very seriously in this practice.
Please refer to our complaints procedure if you wish to make a complaint.

To help us to provide good service and continue to improve, we welcome all feedback from our patients. If you feel a part of your treatment has not reached the standards you expect of us, we welcome your comments. We take complaints very seriously and try to ensure that all our patients are pleased with the treatment they receive. If you feel the need to make a complaint about our service, our objective is to deal with that complaint courteously and promptly.

How to complain:
• First point of call is the reception
• If the receptionist is not equipped to handle the complaint she will refer the patient to the Principle Dentist Dr Yasir Saeed
• The person responsible for dealing with any complaint about the service we provide is the Principle Dentist Dr Yasir Saeed
• If a patient complains by letter or email this will also be passed on asap.
• If a patient wishes to make a more official complaint, then the patient will be asked to put the complaint in writing and address it to Dr Yasir Saeed
• The practice will send the patient a letter of acknowledgment within 7 days while we investigate the issues raised. If the complaint is of a clinical nature it will be passed to the clinician involved to respond.
• Where appropriate the patient concerned would be invited to discuss the complaint either on the telephone or at the practice with Dr Yasir Saeed
• The conclusion of the complaint will be issued in writing to the patient.
• All complaints are recorded.

Open: Monday to Friday 8.30am-1pm, 2pm-5pm. Appointments from 6pm to 9pm can be organised.
Saturday appointments available. Sunday appointments available by advanced booking only.